Probity Service

Probity is a value added service that provides confidence to the stakeholders regarding the integrity of the procurement process and has undertaken in a transparent and fair manner.

We undertake probity services to the highest level of integrity and also have an accredited probity services provider who can assist with any matter and complexity that may arise in regards to probity risks that you come across.

Examples of our probity services include but not limited to:

  • Review of Procurement documents from end to end
  • Observe and advise on the evaluation process
  • Provide probity advise or audits.


Selecting the right [RFx] approach to market will impact on the outcome of  the procurement process.  You can rely on our expertise to assist you with selecting the most suitable approach to market and achieving the required outcome.

Selecting the supplier or service provider which will provide best value for the organisation is a key objective of the sourcing process.

Evaluating the capacity, capability and experience to successfully deliver the scope, on time, and within the awarded contract value is a challenge and we can provide you with expertise to reduce the risk associated with the selection of the supplier or service provider.

This can include the facilitation of the evaluation process or, you may only require assistance to undertaking a market research. You can rely on our expertise to assist you with achieving your procurement outcomes.

We understand that in some cases submissions may be complex to evaluate. We can provide you with the expertise that can help you decide on the most suitable supplier including but not limited to the facilitation of the evaluation.

Contract Management

Contract management is a challenging phase of contracting and has been recognised by many organisations as the phase where value add can be achieved if strategic supplier relationship management is optimised.

We can provide you with the strategies, undertake reviews to evaluate the options and provide advice on transition in/out, performance measurement, contract variation, contract extensions, reporting requirements, ownership and novation, supplier relationship management, dispute resolution, compliance and contract close out.

We can also provide you with insights into contract management systems that will make the contract management process more efficient.


We also provide a wide range of services related to sourcing and procurement including but not limited to the following:

  • International contracts
  • Contract reviews / structure
  • Policy, procedure development and advice
  • Process (re) engineering; establishing or reevaluating the procurement process and design effective and efficient process that align with the organisational requirements
  • Forensic procurement; providing investigative spend analysis and procurement health checks
  • Procurement and Probity training.